14-09 Minutes

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org

The Lambton Presbytery met on September 18, 2014 at Lambton United Church Centre. Beef on a bun, with cold slaw and baked beans were served by camp volunteers. Centre board member Connie Ellis led worship on the camping theme.

The meeting of Lambton Presbytery was constituted at 6:31 p.m. with a quorum present. Past chair Carolyn Wilson Wynne chaired the meeting in the absence of Chair Adam Kilner. She announced, “In the name of Jesus Christ, the one true Head of the Church and by the authority vested in me as past chair of Lambton Presbytery, I now declare this meeting constituted for the transaction of such business as may properly come before it.”

Moved by Bill Milliken, seconded by John Yates and carried that the Consent Docket be accepted as printed. (
See Appendix 2014-60)

Moved by Brad Morrison, seconded by Ann Carr and carried that the agenda be accepted as amended to include an item by Carey Wagner and by Nick Monsour.


Ministry Personnel: Jim Breen, Susan Browning, David Dyke, Connie Ellis, Carol Ferguson, Sandra Fogarty, Melanie Kirk, Dan Leaver, Wendy Milliken, Brad Morrison, Betty Jean Page, Jill Rogers, Matthew Stevens, Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Janet Uren, Carey Wagner, Carolyn Wilson Wynne, Doug Wright, Joseph Wynne.

Corresponding Member: Maxine Quinn
Lay Representatives: Nancy Andrews, Susan Barnetson, Betty Begarnie, Pete Brennan, Ida Burley, Ann Carr, Gillian Ewing, Nora Gibson, Anne Gilliland, Louise Hall, Marion Henderson, Wilma Johnson, Jim Johnson, Jim Louks, Norm MacPherson, Madeline McCaw, Elizabeth McDonald, Bill Milliken, Nick Monsour, Margaret Perry, Janice Rising, , Crystal Worsfold, John Yates.
Guests: Bonnie Neely, Fred and Joyce Abma, Christine Shuttleworth.
Regrets: Adam Kilner, Susan Woodhouse, Bob Gibson, Diane Anderson-Robinson, Margaret Cameron, Jack Prouse, Pat Whitton.


MISSION OVERSIGHT by Ida Burley in the absence of Pat Whitton
Moved by Wendy Milliken, seconded by Betty Begarnie and carried that Lambton Presbytery request of London Conference a mission support grant of $37, 720 to begin

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org

January 1, 2015 to sustain the ministry of St. Clair United in 2015. Abstention: Matthew Stevens and 1 other.


Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Lambton Presbytery renew the Lay Worship Leader Licenses for Maxine Quinn, Lois Marley, George Pitfield, Tom Saul and Ward Armitage.
Carey Wagner said that interviews will be scheduled for Ruth Leitch, Pat Whitton and Marie McNally with the hope that their names will be brought forward at the next Presbytery meeting.

Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by Louise Hall and carried that Matthew Stevens be appointed pastoral supervisor for Central United Church immediately.

A letter of resignation, dated September 15, 2014, was received from treasurer John Yates. He resigned effective February 28, 2015. Carolyn Wilson Wynne thanked John Yates for his work with the presbytery and her remarks were followed by applause.

Moved by Elizabeth McDonald, seconded by Betty Jean Page that the positions of secretary and treasurer be combined effective December 31, 2014. Members discussed the possibility of having the secretary-treasurer position as part of a church secretary’s job in order to help the finances of a church. The presbytery secretary was asked if this had been discussed with her prior to this motion. She said that it was discussed briefly at an executive meeting. Some members felt that the jobs required two different skills sets.

Moved by Brad Morrison, seconded by Doug Wright and carried that the motion be postponed definitely to the next full court of Presbytery.

Moved by Elizabeth McDonald, seconded by John Yates that Presbytery asks the chair to reconsider his decision to change the process of Presbytery meetings. Defeated.
Some members felt that motions were insufficient in order to keep presbyters informed about what was happening in the divisions. Others felt that less information in the meetings allowed more time for discussion of motions. Some felt that presbyters got plenty of information through emails, etc. One member said the personal approach of verbal reports should not be dismissed. Others said that they felt that this new process should be given a try.

MISSION AND SERVICE : (See Appendix 2014- 64) NOMINATIONS: None

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org

LONDON CONFERENCE: (See Appendix 2014- 65) REMITS 6, 7,9

Remit 7 Yes; Remit 8- No; Remit 9 No. NEW BUSINESS:

Moved by John Yates, seconded by Betty-Jean Page and carried that the financial report be accepted as distributed.

Carey Wagner reported on a weekend conference with the United Network for Peace in Palestine/and Israel. UNJPPI, whose goal is to end the occupation of Palestine. He said that on October 6, 2014 that new resources will be available online on the United Church Website. He showed a Peace Box, containing fair trade items produced in Palestine. He said the box, costing $35, could be part of White Gift Sunday and could be use in educating the congregation about this justice issue.

Nick Monsour, Lambton Presbytery’s Archivist, said that Blackwell United Church’s files have been delivered to the Archives in Toronto. He said he is the process of sending all but the last five years of material in his files to the Archives.


Carolyn Wilson Wynne led the presbytery in a closing prayer.

Motion to adjourn was moved by Jim Breen, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried. Adjournment at 7:39 p.m.

_____________________________________________________________________ CAROLYN WILSON WYNNE, CHAIR NANCY ANDREWS, SECRETARY

September 18, 2014



Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org


A CONSENT DOCKET contains motions that are not likely to require discussion. If anyone wishes to discuss an item it will be removed from the Consent Docket and placed on the Discussion Docket. If anyone has a question for clarification about an item on the Consent Docket it will be answered if possible with a brief explanation. The item may be put on the Discussion Docket at the Chairperson’s discretion.

The following are basic facilitating motions for the meeting:

(A) THAT the ROLL CALL be those who signify their attendance by legibly signing the attendance sheets (The Secretary will list any names that have been received for Regrets on the Attendance Sheet).
(B) THAT all VISITORS be made CORRESPONDING MEMBERS (which means that visitors are invited to speak but DO NOT HAVE A VOTE.)

(C) THAT all LICENCED LAY WORSHIP LEADERS be made CORRESPONDING MEMBERS and receive all Presbytery Correspondence.
(D) THAT all MINUTES of Lambton Presbytery pages 2014-44 to 2014-55 be are accepted as printed. (E) THAT the CORRESPONDENCE be distributed to and dealt with by the Committee or Division as per the CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED listed in the Minutes of Lambton Presbytery.

(F) THAT the Court waives use of a BALLOT for Pastoral Relations motions UNLESS REQUESTED by any one voting member.
(G) THAT all MOTIONS be written clearly or typed for the Secretary. (H)THATallREPORTSbewrittenclearlyortypedforinclusionintheMinutesorAppendix. .

(I) THAT the EXECUTIVE of Lambton Presbytery is granted POWERS of PRESBYTERY for necessary business, upon this meeting’s adjournment until the next meeting of Lambton Presbytery.
(J) THAT, for the period following the June meeting to the September meeting of Lambton Presbytery, a SUMMER COMMISSION comprising the Lambton Presbytery Chairperson OR Chairperson Elect OR Past Chairperson AND Secretary OR Treasurer AND any two division Convenors AND/OR Committee Chairpersons may be called and constituted by either the Lambton Presbytery Chairperson OR Chairperson Elect OR Past Chairperson OR Secretary to deal with urgent or time sensitive matters.

A motion will be received to accept that Consent Docket in its entirety unless someone has requested that an item be moved to the DISCUSSION Docket to allow discussion. The remainder will be accepted as one item.

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org


LC= London Conference; GC=General Council; GD= General Distribution

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Service of Celebration for Connie Ellis
GC: Address re: Pastoral Relations
June Presbytery Agenda, Minutes, Consent Docket... Emergency Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting Water Walk 2014
Warrant to Covenant for Melanie Kirk
GC: Refugee Sponsorship cases
Grant Application from Brigden United

LC: London Conference Executive Minutes Sad News
Financial Report for June meeting
Death of Presbyter Joyce McMaster Obituary for Joyce

Warrant to Covenant for Melanie Kirk
LC: Latest from LoCo
Report from Conference Executive Thinking about one order of ministry paper Draft of June Presbytery Meeting

Changes in Meeting Format
Disbanding of Warwick United
Summer Availability List for Pastoral Care
Mission Trip Invitation from High Park United
Kent Presbytery Minutes
LC: How to record presbytery minutes
LC: E-copy of sacramental approval for Val Pitt
LC: Latest from LoCo
Refugee Committee
LC: Latest from LoCo
Minister Needed for Interment
Faith Communities in Canada: United Nations Secretary Lambton Presbytery Executive Teleconference
GC: Statistical Forms Needing Submission
Right Relations Committee: First Steps to Reconciliation Five Oaks: July Newsletter
LC: Latest from LoCo
Draft Minutes of Conference Call Executive Meeting

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September 18, 2014


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Lambton Presbytery Meeting

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FW: Prayer and Action for Gaza Bulletin Insert GW: Five things you can do to help Gaza Prayer for peace and Justice
Items Available from Blackwell United Change of time and date for London rally

LC: Latest from LoCo
Note of Thanks from “Fishing on the Other Side” Facilitator
People for Peace
Passing of Rev. Jim Breen’s father
Middlesex June minutes`
Apology re: Note of Thanks
Peace Vigil

Blackwell United: Items available until August 11, 2014 Address needed
Addition to Summer Availability List
LC: Latest from LoCo

FW: Deadline for eight-month internships
Summer Availability for Pastoral Care
LC: Presbytery Chairs and Secretaries
LC: Latest from LoCo
Middlesex Minutes
Kent Executive Minutes
Letter of Support
Correction on flyer for London Road West United Minutes of Pastoral Oversight Meeting, June 19, 2014

FW: United Network for Justice & Peace in Palestine and Israel
Finance Report for September meeting from John Yates Latest from LoCo

LC: Presbytery Representative GC: Refugee Sponsorship
LC: Latest from LoCo e-newsletter



Filed Forwarded Forwarded Forwarded to POD members GD

GD GD Replied GD GD

United Network for Justice and Peace

in Palestine/Israel (UNJPPI): Request to write to Gary

and Nora

Events and Notices for General Distribution

  •   Fish and Chips at Camlachie United Church on August 10, 2014

  •   London Road West Annual Fall Feast on September 30, 2014

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org

  •   BBQ Turkey Dinner at Camlachie United on September 28, 2014.

  •   Information night for High Park United’s Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic on

    Sept. 11, 2014 at High Park at 7 p.m.

  •   Focus on Japan will be held at Dunlop United on September 28, 2014 at 2 p.m.

  •   Fall Luncheon and Bazaar at Forest United on Sept. 26, 2014 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  •   First Steps to Reconciliation, a follow-up to “Going Beyond the Words” on Oct. 21, 2014

    at 5 p.m. at Maawn Doosh Gumig Community and Youth Centre.

  •   Edmund Metatawabin has a reading and book signing of “Up Ghost River” on Sept. 22 at

    Maawn Doosh Gumig Community Centre on the Aamjiwnaang First Nation and on Sept. 23, 2014 at the Sarnia Library Auditorium at 7 p.m.

A Roast Beef Dinner and The Master’s Four will be in Concert at St. Paul’s United, on Saturday, October 18.

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org

M & S Report for Lambton Presbytery September 18, 2014

I am very disappointed that Lambton Presbytery has chosen to no longer hear the very important work of the United Church of Canada through the Mission & Service Fund at the Presbytery meetings. I hope you will take time to read this report and encourage your local congregations to support it.

The new Mission and Service giving program materials should have arrived in
your pastoral charges. One package with a unique cover letter was sent to ministry personnel and a package with multiple copies of the M&S narrative budget (found in M&S at a Glance)

was sent to M&S Enthusiasts at every pastoral charge. You can request additional copies from www.ucrdstore.ca which is offering free shipping on selected M&S resources until November 30.

The new M&S giving program resources include:

M&S at a Glance brochure in slides without speaking notes (for the version with speaking notes [4MB] or the pptx version [12MB] please send a request to Jessica Reid

at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Each One Ask One program Annual M&S giving Program Plan M&S resources checklist M&S Enthusiast position description M&S poster

Your congregation’s Mission and Service leadership team can use this guide to help develop a comprehensive plan for the year to enable everyone in your church to make a decision and to make a meaningful annual gift for Mission and Service.

Our main task is to inspire, ask, and enable every person to make a meaningful annual gift for Mission and Service and to thank them for doing so. Giving for Mission and Service is part of our stewardship journey. These resources will support you in your work and strengthen

M&S connection and support across our church.The M & S Enthusiast List was e-mailed to each church this past week. Several churches are not represented. If you do not have one please consider appointing someone and send the name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Once again Camlachie United is raising funds for M & S through our Angel Tree. If you would like more information on how you could join in this project please contact me. If you have a successful project that has helped your congregation raise money for M & S, please let me know so that it could be passed on to others in the Presbytery.

Thank you again for supporting the Mission & Service Fund.

Wilma Johnson, Mission & Service Chair for Lambton Presbytery

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org


by Louise Hall

On September 10 and 11 London Conference met at Five Oaks near Paris, Ontario. Connie Ellis

was not able to be present so I went to represent Lambton. Six Conferences were represented -

the five Ontario Conferences (Manitou, Bay of Quinte, Toronto, Hamilton and

London) as well as representatives from the All Native Circle Conference.
Worship for the sessions was presided over by the President of Hamilton Conference.
A presentation was made by Five Oaks. During this presentation it was pointed out that Five

Oaks was founded by the five Conferences of Ontario and that it is located on the Sacred Space of our First Nations Sisters and Brothers. During the 2013 year 3800 people took part in activities at Five Oaks. This year they have had to turn away approx. 2800 because they have no

room. They are also concerned that the facilities are aging. Their financial situation is urgent. A presentation by an Edge Property Consultant was a part of the overall presentation

with possibilities for the future presented and each Conference Executive was asked to consider the options.

A discussion involving all of the represented Conferences regarding "One order of Ministry" was lively and we heard from many with many different views.

During the evening after the meeting had ended several people from London Conference met to read through Doug Wright’s new play for the 2015 Annual Meeting.

After worship on Thursday morning, each Conference met separately for a regular (shortened) executive meeting:
There was a wonderful presentation from Rob and Kiko Witmer who are home for their last

furlow before retiring. They will be available for Presbyteries and Congregations while they are home and it would be an interesting presentation for any event.

We have appointed Brent Caslick as Assistant Treasurer.

We discussed possible flaws in the Compensation Model. There will be more conversation on this at the November Executive Meeting and Presbytery can have discussions and write to Nora Saunders. A suggestion was made that we send a letter to General Council Secretary asking that we delay the roll out of the Compensation Package until July 1, 2016 so that it can be discussed at General Council 42

Finance- At present we are $50,000.00 spent over revenue but Bev said "don't Worry". It is the

time of year and when the next installments come in from Presbyteries it will even out.
The Executive finished out their time together with a discussion about Five Oaks. They have decided to meet by telephone on October 1 for further talks.

September 18, 2014


Lambton Presbytery Meeting

United Church of Canada www.lambtonpresbytery.org 

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