13-10 Executive Minutes

October 16, 20132013-68

The Lambton Presbytery Executive met at St. Paul’s United, Petrolia on October 16, 2013.  The meeting was constituted at 1:35 p.m. with a quorum present.  Chair Carolyn Wilson Wynne opened the meeting with prayer and declared, “In the name of Jesus, the one true Head of the Church, and by the authority vested in me as Lambton Presbytery Chair, I now declare this meeting constituted for the transaction of such business as may properly come before it.” 


Moved by Marilyn Townsend-Smith, seconded by Carey Wagner and carried that the agenda be approved as amended to include under New Business: Archives, Budget and Internet service.


Louise Hall, Nick Monsour, John Yates, Connie Ellis, Carey Wagner, Jill Rogers, Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Carolyn Wilson Wynne, Cheryl-Ann Stadelbaurer-Sampa, Conference Executive Secretary, Nancy Andrews, Presbytery Secretary.

Regrets:  Susan Woodhouse, Pat Whitton.

CORRESPONDENCE (See Appendix  2013-72, 2013-73)

Members of the Executive asked that the correspondence be sent as an attachment rather than included in the body of the agenda.  

The presbytery secretary read a letter from Tanya Cameron, of London Conference regarding the celebration of retirees at the London Conference in 2014.  The receipt of the Record of Transfer for Janet Uren was acknowledged.

Business Arising:  None


STEWARDSHIP:  Nick Monsour, chair

Nick Monsour said that Jim Louks would be acting as coordinator in his absence in January and February.  Nick Monsour plans to speak to Geraldine Robertson at St. Clair United Church regarding the church’s need for financial support from the presbytery. A discussion was held regarding the role of the treasurer, finance committee and finance chair.  Nick Monsour agreed to review the workings of the committee and report back.


PASTORAL OVERSIGHT:  Marilyn Townsend-Smith, chair

Jill Rogers read the report from Susan Woodhouse, chair of the Education and Students Committee.  She said the current students are Terry Fletcher, Mary Fletcher and Gord Spence.  Mary and Terry Fletcher are completing their application forms for ordination.  Gord Spence is reevaluating his call.  The Lambton Education and Student annual student interviews are scheduled for December 3, 2013 at Wyoming United Church.  

Action from the Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, LLWL,  interviews:  Licensed renewed for Ward Armitage, Ruth Leitch, Maxine Quinn (not on website for pulpit supply as per request) George Pitfield, Tom Saul, Pat Whitton.  LLWL-in training is Marie McNally.  Licensed not renewed: Pat Belan; license  “on hold”: Ruth Cook.

Question was raised as to who maintains the Pulpit Supply List for viewing on the website.  It was stated that retired ministers can be placed on the list at their request.

A report is expected on the discernment of Ward Armitage at the November meeting of presbytery.  Brittany Waters-Pevec continues the discernment process.

Rev. Christine Jerrett’s proposal for the education of lay ministers (LLWL and Designated Lay Minister, DLM)  was outlined briefly.  The integrated learning model needs a collection of core books to be housed in a central location.  It was suggested that presbyters might donate books to that library.  There is a need for funds for guest presenter and for electronic networking hub, or rental/use of space.  Education and Students’ Committee is rewriting terms of the theological fund to include money for lay ministry.

Pastoral Relations:  Carey Wagner, Chair

Carey Wagner read an email from Rev. Christine Jerrett of Central United Church indicating that she is seeking a change of pastoral relations effective April 30, 2014.

The paper work has gone to Settlement for the reappointment of Betty-Jean Page at Port Lambton United.  

Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by Louise Hall, and carried that Rev. Matthew Stevens be appointed as an accompanier to the Effective Leadership process at St. Clair United Church effective October 16, 2013.

Connie Ellis has submitted her notice of retirement effective July 1, 2014.  Connie Ellis indicated her dissatisfaction that the presbytery secretary had forwarded her notice throughout the presbytery.  The secretary was advised that notices of staff changes, ie retirements, changes of pastoral charges, need to be forwarded to the chair of pastoral relations.  

Corunna United is to vote on October 27, 2013 to appoint a new half-time minister.

Moved by Marilyn Townsend-Smith, seconded by Jill Rogers, and carried that the name of Faith Trinity United Church Pastoral Charge be changed to Faith Trinity Shetland Pastoral Charge.

Pastoral Oversight Committee:  Jill Rogers, Chair 

Pastoral Oversight Cluster Visit was held September 21, 2013 at St. Andrew’s Cairo.  Morning interviews were with St. Andrew’s Cairo/Hope United Alvinston and minister Jim Breen.  Afternoon visit with Central United and ministers Christine Jerrett and Mary Anne MacFarlane.

A pastoral oversight visit is booked with Ravenswood on November 7, 2013 during their board meeting.  Carol Ferguson and Carolyn Tencamp will be present.  

Vacancies were reported at Ravenswood where Carolyn Tencamp is ending her contract as of December 1, 2013; Central United where Christine Jerrett is leaving her ministry as of April 30, 2014 and Mary Anne MacFarlane is retiring as of June 30, 2014. 


A name has been forwarded for nomination as chair for Lambton Presbytery at the rise of Conference in May, 2014.

New chair will be needed for pastoral oversight as Jill Rogers has resigned as of December, 2013.

Discussed the use of an accompanier when preparing to declare a vacancy. Marilyn Townsend-Smith agreed to attend a meeting to declare a vacancy at St. Luke’s United on November 10, 2013.  


1) Chair of Finance Committee: Discussed the role of chair of finance.  At present, no one is filling that position.  Discussed the budgetary process and the treasurer’s request for budget figures from each division within three weeks. The budget was reviewed briefly. Nick Monsour agreed to review the need and role of finance chair.

Moved by Louise Hall, seconded by Carey Wagner, that a representative from each division meet with the treasurer to work on the budget.  Withdrawn. 

Louise Hall agreed to assist John Yates, the treasurer, with the budget as needed.

2) Remuneration for Secretary’s meals and mileage:  The secretary left the meeting at this time and Marilyn Townsend-Smith took the minutes. It is the executive’s understand that the honorarium covers mileage, rent and all expenses associated with the position other than Internet. It is between the secretary and her accountant on how she tax  reports.  The Treasurer will offer her a monthly printout of the breakdown if she desires. The secretary returned after the discussion of the remuneration and was advised of the executive’s position.

3) Covenanting Service:  planned for Carey Wagner.

4) Offering at Covenanting Service:

Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith, and carried that from this date monies received from covenanting services go to the Mission and Service Fund.

5) Archives:  Nick Monsour discussed a speaker from Archives coming to the November meeting.  Due to a full agenda in November, Carolyn Wilson Wynne agreed to contact the speaker and discuss a future meeting.

6) Changing Internet Server:  

Moved by Marilyn Townsend-Smith, seconded by Jill Rogers and carried that the Internet server changes after the Bell contract is finished.  The budget is to include up to $50 a month for Internet.


Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by John Yates and carried that the meeting adjourn.

Carolyn Wilson Wynne closed the meeting with prayer at 3:40 p.m.

Carolyn Wilson Wynne, Chair                    Nancy Andrews, Presbytery Secretary 




GC=General Council; LC=London Conference; GD=General Distribution

Notices and Events: General Distribution:

Forest United Turkey Supper on Oct. 25, 2013

Lambton Optimist’s Craft & Gift Show at Oil Heritage Community Centre, Petrolia on Nov. 2 & 3.

Oktoberfest at Grace United Church on October 22, 2013.

Covenanting Service on Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. for Rev. Adam Kilner and Dan Leaver at Dunlop United Church

Wyoming Turkey Supper on October 27, 2013

Citrus Fruit Sale for Corunna United.  Order by November 28, 2013

Forest United’s 86th Anniversary on October 20, 2013 with Rev. Bill Steadman as guest speaker

High Park’s Candleglow Bazaar on Nov. 2

Sarnia Justice Film Festival screening Hidden Pictures on Oct. 19, 2013 at Sarnia Library Theatre

Learning Disabilities Association of Lambton County has positions open on their Board of Directors.

St. Paul’s Sarnia hosting a Ham & Scalloped Potato Dinner on Nov. 7 with proceeds to Lambton Multiple Sclerosis Society and Canadian Diabetic Society.

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