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June 20, 20132013-46

Lambton Presbytery Minutes

United Church of Canada


The Lambton Presbytery met at St. Paul’s United in Petrolia on June 20, 2013.  A cold supper of ham and salads was served.  Carolyn Wilson Wynne led the worship service saying the theme for her year, as chair of presbytery was “Let’s Get Messy”.  Director Marlane Butterfield led the choir in the anthem, “Spirit Song” and she was accompanied by Janet Randall.

The Chair, Carolyn Wilson Wynne  welcomed the president of London Conference, Rev. Phil Newman.  He talked about his theme for the year, which is “Changing the Landscape”.  He compared the landscape to the soil in a garden.  He said two churches can be similar, but one flourishes and one doesn’t.  People have come to him, asking about new programs, seeking “a silver bullet” that will turn things around at their church.  He said this is an oversimplification.  He said he has found the need to address the cultural landscape, the soil, and that can be a slower process.  He referred to “the deeper and unseen aspects” as soil or landscape. Mission can’t flourish if the attitude is that “we don’t want those people in My church”.  He said he believes the culture can be changed and that involves fostering healthy values that are consciously held, passionately believed and  influence the mission of the church.  He said no one culture works for every church and every church must clarify their own values that glorify God and reach out to the community.   He said he had to address unhealthy attitudes and traits in his congregation and help foster healthy ones, such as reconciliation where there had been hurt feelings from past conflicts. He has found other values like openness and valuing differences as important.  He said Diana Butler-Bass, the author of “Christianity After Religion” will be the guest speaker at the London Conference 2014 annual meeting. She believes that Christianity is at a critical stage in a new spiritual awakening.  He had a draw for a copy of her book.  Rev. Phil Newman asked presbyters to discuss some cultural landscapes that they are involved in and asked for ways that London Conference might be helpful.  Some comments were the need for support from experienced people with the grieving process for congregations that are in the midst of change, mediators from outside the individual church for conflicts, support for ministers with disabilities, continued youth ministry support.

The meeting of Lambton Presbytery was constituted at 7.24 p.m. with a quorum present.  Chair Carolyn Wilson Wynne announced “ In the Name of Jesus Christ, the one true Head of the Church, and by the authority vested in me as the chair of Lambton Presbytery, I now declare the meeting constituted, for the transaction of such business as may properly come before it.”


Moved by Louise Hall, seconded by Carey Wagner and carried that the consent docket be accepted.


Moved by Diane Anderson-Robinson, seconded by Bill Milliken and carried that the agenda be accepted.


Ministry Personnel:  Jim Breen, Mary Anne MacFarlane, Wendy Milliken, Brad Morrison, Pat Morrison, Dan Mulema, Betty Jean Page, Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Janet Uren, Carey Wagner, Carolyn Wilson Wynne, Susan Woodhouse, Joe Wynne.

Lay Representatives:  Diane Anderson-Robinson, Betty Begarnie, Pete Brennan, Ida Burley, Margaret Cameron, Penny Cox, Sheila Fennell, Louise Hall, Marion Henderson, Wilma Johnson, Jim Johnson, Ruth Leitch, Jim Louks, Elizabeth McDonald, Joyce McMaster, Bill Milliken, Nick Monsour, Margaret Perry, Jack Prouse, Janice Rising, Anne Gilliland, Pat Whitton, John Yates, Nancy Andrews.

Correspondence: Nora Gibson

Guests: Phil Newman, president of London Conference, Matthew Stevens, London Conference, and Cheryl-Anne Stadelbauer-Sampa, executive secretary of London Conference, Fisher, Susan Woodhouse’s new guide dog. 

Introduction of New Presbyters and Guests: None

Regrets: Connie Ellis, Sandra Fogarty, Christine Jerrett, Jill Rogers, Doug Wright, Luke Walker, Pat Begarnie, Susan Barnetson, 


GC= General Council; LC=London Conference; GD= General Distribution

May 29, 2013

Name for Pulpit Supply list


May 29, 2013

Registration Last Call for Life’s A Beach


May 29, 2013

LC: Up to $25,000

GD, webmaster

May 30, 2013

LC: Kairos Summer student job opportunity

GD, webmaster

May 30, 2013

LC: Let Prime Minister Harper know that we 


May 30, 2013

LC: Summer Bridge Deadline: June 3


May 30, 2013

GC: Hard copy of five of six Remit Documents

Notified Executive

June 4, 2013

LC: For Clergy in The Greater London Region


June 4, 2013

LC: Presbytery PowerPoint presentation


June 4, 2013

Coworker posted letter re: Guide Dog


June 4, 2013

LC: Reminder-Conference Priorities Working Group


June 7, 2013

Kent Presbytery Minutes


Activities & Events for General Distribution

  • Strawberry Social at Dunlop United on June 19, 2013



Mission and Service: Wilma Johnson said that the Mission and Service Fund, M&S, bag had raised $227 in the last two presbytery meetings.  She said that all but three churches in the presbytery had sent in their M&S Fund commitments. She said she has sent emails to the churches and hopes that the money will come in soon.  She reminded members to check the Mandate (May edition) for an article on page 5 on the Angel Tree Project at Camlachie United. She encouraged members to continue their offerings to the church during the summer months and to consider getting on PAR so that their givings can continue while they are away.

Finance: John Yates, the treasurer, reported that he had amalgamated the two credit union accounts into one, as agreed upon at the May presbytery meeting. He said this will increase the monthly interest received.  

All churches have now paid their April assessments.  The next assessment is due on July 15 and the last one on October 15.  A letter was placed in each church file with information as to where their cheques should be sent. He advised any divisions that know they will need funds during the summer to give him plenty of notice to ensure they get the money on time.

John Yates said he attended a Grant workshop in London where he learned of the many ways to apply for grants for programs at our churches.  He said he would be more than pleased to share this information with any interested churches.

Property: Jim Louks

Moved by Jim Louks, seconded by Elizabeth McDonald and carried that Lambton Presbytery give its consent for Faith Trinity United to put the building and lands of Edy’s Mills up for tender with an offer acceptable to Faith Trinity.  (See APPENDIX)


Lambton Presbyterial United Church Women:  Nora Gibson reported that the London Conference U.C.W. held  its annual gathering at Epworth United in Kingsville on April 14-15 with the theme “the joyful noise continues” Rev. Maya Ladell was the guest speaker.  The new president is Clare Walker and she chose “We have an Anchor” as her theme for the year. The Westminster Weekend was held May 3-5 and was a great success.  Father and son, Rev. Jeff and Paul Crittenden, chose their theme “Stories of Strength”.  A Summer Event will be held at Siloam United in London. Matthew Stevens will speak on “Recognizing God’s Nudge”.  Registration is $25 due by July 8. The May Lambton Presbyterial UCW meeting was held at Mandaumin United with an inspirational talk by Darlene Gudrie-Butts. She said they have a full slate of executive members for the coming year.  Their program starts on September 25 at Brigden United at 7 p.m. with Rev. Heather McLean.  The fall Rally will be held on October 17-17 at 8 p.m. at Lambton United Camp Centre with speakers from the Medical Electives International Student Program. 

Lambton United Church Camp: Louise Hall said that enrolment is up from last year.  The school program that had 200 children two years ago has 900 this year.  SPLASH has a waiting list. SPLASH DAY CAMP is designed to give kids a chance to “ try out” all of the fun activities at Lambton Centre.  This donations-only program runs the first week of July and provides busing from Sarnia and Petrolia.

Pat Whitton reported that the web site would be completely redone this summer with the removal of links, adding a google calendar and exploring the possibility of changing the web host.  She asked if there were any questions about how links work or if something was missing to discuss this directly with the webmaster.  If it is more a question about what should be on the site, she suggested the person contact the chair of the Mission Oversight Division.  A presbytery member expressed interest in having links to the congregation's web page and another member wanted to see links to the London Conference UCW.

Mission Oversight in conjunction with the Right Relations Conference Committee is planning a workshop for the first week of June 2014.  More information to follow.

Sheila Fennell has made available printouts of the Native Women's Association of Canada’s petition which asks the government of Canada to order an enquiry into the 600 First Nations women/girls who have been murdered or are missing.

New Initiatives Fund:  A question was asked to when the fund would be available and the response was in September.

PASTORAL OVERSIGHT- Marilyn Townsend-Smith introduced Fisher, Susan Woodhouse’s new guide dog. 

Education and Students Committee: 

Moved by Susan Woodhouse, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Lambton Presbytery confirm that Mary Fletcher, Terry Fletcher and Gord Spence are candidates for ordained ministry in the United Church of Canada.

Susan Woodhouse said a report on the discernment process for Ward Armitage would be presented in September.  Two meetings have been held for Brittany Waters-Pevec. 

Susan Woodhouse said that the committee plans to expand the parameters of the Theological Fund, which gives grants to theological students.  She said they would like to see it expand to include lay worship leaders.  The fund has about $12,000.  

Pastoral Relations: 

Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by Jim Breen and carried that Lambton Presbytery re-appoint Rev. Wendy Milliken to the position of Supply Minister at Mandaumin United Church, for the period of July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. The terms of the appointment are 15 hours per week with salary, housing, telephone, and con-ed as read but not recorded.


Moved by Carey Wagner, seconded by Jim Breen and carried that Lambton Presbytery re-appoint Rev. Wendy Milliken to the position of Supply Minister at Wyoming United Church, for the period of July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. The terms of the appointment are 20 hours per week with salary, housing, telephone, con-ed as read but not recorded.

Moved by Susan Woodhouse, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Joe Wynne be appointed pastoral charge supervisor at Dunlop United until September 1, 2013. 

Moved by Susan Woodhouse, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Matthew Stevens be appointed pastoral charge supervisor at St. Clair United Church.

Moved by Susan Woodhouse, seconded by Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Connie Ellis be appointed pastoral charge supervisor at Corunna United Church. 


Moved by Louise Hall, seconded by Pat Whitton and carried that the presbytery executive includes the representative to the London Conference Executive.

REFLECTIONS BY Matthew Stevens

Matthew Stevens reflected on “the growth in the burnt out area” in Newfoundland. He said that was where the sweetest berries grew.  He said that was what Phil Newman, the conference president, was talking about when he spoke of the landscape.  Matthew Stevens said that sometimes unexpected things happen – events that can burn out the people in the pew, but nature has a wonderful way of providing what is needed if we get out of its way and avoid trying to engineer something ourselves.  An organic ministry could grow in some places if people stop trying desperately to cling to their old buildings and the old ways of doing things. 


Louise Hall said Lambton Presbytery is well represented at conference with four members from Lambton – including Connie Ellis, Doug Wright, Pat Whitton and herself.

Louise reported that the London Conference Executive Report held a meeting on June 18, 2013 where they had a discussion around their prayers for the church. She said the work of the Comprehensive Review Committee is well under way and the response from the congregations has been wonderful.  She said there is still time to be a part of this meaningful talk around being the Church.

Different Presbyteries shared what’s happening, such as: Soft Ball Tournament, talks about and actual amalgamations, focus on Mission, Presbytery Visioning Committee and roaming Youth Services.

A package of Remits was sent to every Presbytery from General Council Office. February 15th is the day that all replies must be back to General Council.

There are many vacancies on Conference Committees. You can find these vacancies on the London Conference website.  If you are at all interested please fill in the nomination form to have your name considered. 

On October 5&6, Moderator Gary Patterson will be at Fairfield Museum in Kent County.  The Churches in Kent are gathering for a Sunday Worship Service. This is a First Nations celebration of the 200th anniversary of the battle at Moraviantown.

The lease for the Conference Office has been renewed for a two-year period at a very substantial increase. Therefore Conference Executive has directed Finance and Administration to look into other options. They will be sending out a Request for Proposals to Churches who may have extra space that will be suitable. 

Imaging was a document discussed at the Annual Meeting. Congregational Futures Committee will be working with this document to try to help Congregations and Presbyteries dare to dream.

A document was sent out from the General Council Executive about honoring gifts and not orientation. A conference will be held in August of this year in Ottawa. The conference will be Affirm United.   The Conference Executive has agreed to send Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa and two others to this conference.

Finally the Annual Meeting came in under budget and the reviews have been positive.


Dr. Mary Anne MacFarlane was recognized for her 40 years of ministry.  Chair Carolyn Wilson Wynne offered a prayer of thanksgiving, which was followed by a round of applause for Mary Anne.

Presbytery members were invited to the Covenanting Service between St. Paul’s United, Petrolia, the Presbytery, London Conference and Carolyn Wilson Wynne on June 23.

ADJOURNMENT:  Moved by Brad Morrison, seconded by Carey Wagner and carried that the meeting of presbytery be adjourned.

The meeting was closed at 8:28 p.m. with a prayer by Chair Carolyn Wilson Wynne who told us to “Go in Peace and Get Messy.” 





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