13-03 Minutes

March 20, 2013 Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting 2013-20 United Church of Canada

Lambton Presbytery executive met at St. Clair United Church on March 20, 2013. The meeting was constituted at 1:32 pm. with a quorum present. Chair Carolyn Wilson Wynne opened the meeting with prayer and then declared: “In the name of Jesus, the one true Head of the Church, and by the authority given me by Lambton Presbytery, I declare the meeting of the Lambton Presbytery executive open for the transaction of business as may properly come before it.”
Moved by John K. Yates; seconded by Jill Rogers and carried that the agenda be approved as amended to include items about the joint needs assessment of St. Clair United, old fax machine and presbytery directory under New Business.
ATTENDANCE: John K. Yates, Louise Hall, Connie Ellis, Pat Whitton, Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Jill Rogers, Betty Page, Carolyn Wilson Wynne.
REGRETS: Susan Woodhouse, Nora Gibson.
Correspondence February 12 – March 13, 2013
GC= General Council; LC= London Conference; GD=General Distribution
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Middlesex Presbytery Executive Minutes for Feb. 5, 2013
Emmanuel College Announcements
GC: UC Moderator re: January 11 meeting between Prime Minister Harper and delegation of First Nations leaders
LC: Reports for Report Book for Conference LC: CFOS & NECEF host Afif Safieh
LC -Boundaries Workshops
LC: Summer Student Jobs Program
LC: Protect Canadians with Alzheimer’s LC:2012 M&S Fund Remittance Corrections LC: Learning Circles about Technology
LC: Staffing News from Conference
LC: Our Next Year Together
DUCC Newsletter
Summer Employment Opportunities at Lambton Centre
Oakdale United Church Final Service
2012 Financial Report for Lambton Presbytery LC : Presbytery M&S Conveners
LC: Property 101 – Manual requirements and recommended guidelines
LC: Related to January’s bulletin insert Letter and reports from Oakdale Pastoral Charge re: consolidation/amalgamation of three
GD GD GD Executive
Filed Forwarded to Chairs of Pastoral
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Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting 2013-21 United Church of Canada
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Kent Presbytery executive minutes
LC: March bulletins re: legacy gifts
GC: Church Says Limits to Freedom of Religion GC,LC: DUIM Program Promotion Strategy (Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry) flyer, course description, content GC:Church Says Limits to Freedom of Religion Middlesex Presbytery Minutes for February Minutes for Kent Covenanting service
FW: Help Us Take the SodaStream
LC: Petition to Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
LC:Weekend retreat at Five Oaks with Leonard Sweet
LC:Israel Palestine Breakfast Seminar on
March 23
GC, LC: 2012 Mission and Service Fund Campaign
LC:March PowerPoint announcements LC: Effective Leadership Workshop on April 3, 2013
LC:Covenanting Service with Michelle Owen Kent Presbytery Minutes
Request presbytery conference list
GC: Toronto Archives moving
LC: Feedback requested re: powerpoint usage
Oversight and Property; filed Filed
GD Filed Filed GD GD
Executive Executive
GD Filed Filed GD GD
 Ron Klusmeier Workshops & Concert at Grace United on Feb. 3, 2013
 Closing CGIT Vespers Service at Grace United on April 28, 2013
 Travelogue at St. Luke’s on Feb. 27 in support of children’s breakfast program
 Shiloh-Inwood Euchre Card Parties March 5 & 26, 2013. Proceeds to Canadian
Food Grains Bank
 St. Paul’s Sarnia Bazaar & Café on March 2, 2013
 Planning meeting on March 5 at St. Luke’s for Dow People Place Service on June
9, 2013
 Indoor Garage Sale at Courtright United on Feb. 23, 2013
 St. Patrick’s Day Supper at Oil Springs on March 17
 Women’s Day Out at Courtright United on April 6 with speaker Liz Watson of
Canadian in Support of Afghan Women.
 AOTS Spring Roundup at Salvation Army Conference Centre, Jackson Point,
Ont., featuring Rev. Susan Browning
 Ham Dinner at London Road West on March 20, 2013
 Trivia Night on March 22 at Forest Legion.
March 20, 2013 Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting 2013-22 United Church of Canada
 Goods & Services Auction – March 22 at Camlachie United
 Scott Woods Concert on April 5 at Camlachie United
 Fish Fry on April 17 at Camlachie United
 Bible Mini-Series on History Cable Channel for five Sundays
Louise Hall reported on the Guidelines for Future, Revitalization & New Growth Fund. She outlined a draft of the guidelines. See Appendix.
Questions were raised about the funds available to date. The secretary was asked to review the minutes regarding dispersal of funds from Point Edward United Church.
Another question was raised about whether the church needed a charitable number for the presbytery to disperse money to the fund. Treasurer John Yates was asked to follow up with Point Edward United.
DIVISION REPORTS Pastoral Oversight Division
Jill Rogers reported that the next cluster meeting was on April 13 at Grace United Church. It will be held in the morning for Grace United and Camlachie United.
She said a discernment meeting will be held on May 2 for Ward Armitage.
Marilyn Townsend-Smith said a meeting has been scheduled with the Joint search committee for Corunna United. Also, a discernment meeting has been scheduled for April 3 for Brittany Waters-Pebec.
Pastoral Relations:
Moved by Connie Ellis; seconded by Betty Page and carried that Rev. Marilyn Townsend-Smith and Carey Wagner be appointed as the presbytery representatives to the Joint Search Committee at Corunna. Marilyn Townsend-Smith abstained.
Carolyn Wilson Wynne vacated the chair for the three following motions. Moved by Connie Ellis, seconded by Jill Rogers and carried that Lambton Presbytery approve the request of Carolyn Wilson Wynne for a change in Pastoral Relations effective June 1, 2013.
Moved by Connie Ellis, seconded by Jill Rogers and carried that Lambton Presbytery approve the call of Carolyn Wilson Wynne to St. Paul’s United Church, Petrolia as per the terms read but not recorded. The police check has been seen by the Chair of Pastoral Relations.
March 20, 2013 Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting 2013-23 United Church of Canada
Moved by Connie Ellis, seconded by Rev. Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Lambton Presbytery request that London Conference grant Carolyn Wilson Wynne permission to perform the sacraments within the bounds of Lambton Presbytery.
Moved by Connie Ellis, seconded by Rev. Marilyn Townsend-Smith and carried that Lambton Presbytery re-appoint Pat Morrison to the position of Designated Lay Minister at Grace United Church, Sarnia for the period of July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. The terms of the appointment are as read but not recorded.
Carolyn Wilson Wynne reported that a Boundaries Workshop will be held on May 15 in Chatham. She and Jen Richmond will facilitate. Another workshop is planned for June 18 in London. Times are yet to be determined.
Mission Oversight Division:
Pat Whitton gave an extensive report on the Aboriginal Cluster Group that was held February 19-22 at Rama United Church, near Orillia. She described participating in a table communion which involved 10 numbered envelopes containing the instructions for the communion. Carolyn Wilson Wynne said she has a copy of that program and offered to provide it to those interested. The gathering expressed interest in the new Manual as it is expected to be user friendly. The gathering found the present Manual too convoluted. She said that Chris Sabas, Christian Peacemakers, led a discussion on the Doctrine of Discovery, which has been the “legal” justification of conquest.
Pat Whitton said the presbytery fund-raiser on April 11 is still moving ahead. They are still looking for item auctions. The proceeds from the fund-raiser will augment the Mission Support Grant, which has been reduced.
Stewardship Oversight Division
Betty Page gave a brief report on the amalgamation meeting held at Oakdale, Edy’s Mill and Shetland pastoral charge.
Treasurer John K. Yates gave a report on the secretary’s computer. He said the software appears adequate at this time. The monitor has been replaced by an older model. Louise Hall said that she would look into the availability of a smaller screen. The secretary’s printer was discussed and options suggested.
John Yates said he and Louise plan to attend a budget meeting at conference in April.
A request was received for financial support for a sabbatical for 2014. The request was referred to the Presbytery’s April meeting and the Pastoral Relations Committee.
March 20, 2013 Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting 2013-24 United Church of Canada
Carolyn Wilson Wynne said St. Clair United Church was eager to begin the process of finding a new minister. It was suggested that if the church waits until May, the new one- page process for the Joint Needs Assessment would be in place, which will be faster than an immediate start.
Directory: The secretary asked about the process of updating the directory. She was advised to contact the webmaster about changes.
Old fax machine: The secretary asked about the disposition of the old fax machine, which is no longer being used. The secretary is now scanning documents. Advised to give it away.
Nominations: Carolyn Wilson Wynne agreed to stand as chair for 2013-2014. The presbytery is still looking for a volunteer to represent the presbytery at executive meetings of conference.
The executive had a request for prayer. Carolyn Wilson Wynne closed with prayer, leading a responsive reading from the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Racial Injustice.
Adjournment at 3:30 p.m. Moved by Betty Page and carried. ______________________________________________________________________ CAROLYN WILSON WYNNE, CHAIR NANCY ANDREWS, SECRETARY
March 20, 2013 Lambton Presbytery Executive Meeting 2013-25 United Church of Canada
An estimate for the cost of the total project including any start-up costs needs to be supplied with the application. The project must be new to the applying congregation.
The fund will supply up to 25% of an approved project to a maximum of $1000.00.
Preference will be given to congregations whose annual budget is under $150,000.00
We would require that the congregation report back to the presbytery committee within 3 months of the end of the project or if the project is ongoing a report at the 6 month and year intervals.
The approval team will consist of a minimum of 4 people. There will be at least 1 person from Mission Oversight Division and 1 person from Pastoral Oversight Division. All representatives to this team will be Presbytery appointments.
Funds dispersed must have the approval of Lambton Presbytery Executive or Lambton Presbytery.
If a congregation receives assistance from the Futures, Revitalization and New Growth Fund they must wait at least 3 years before applying again for another project.
Funds should not be used for Capital Projects. They are to be used for projects that enrich the life of the Worshipping Community and/or assists in programs that help the Congregation with Outreach Programs in their community. The project should not be something already available through other organizations in your community.
Special consideration will be given to projects, which involve several congregations working together. Special consideration will also be considered in exceptional circumstances

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