12-10 Minutes


Lambton Presbytery Executive met at St. Clair United Church, Sarnia on October 17, 2012.
The meeting was constituted at 1:30 p.m. with a quorum present. Chairperson Carolyn Wilson- Wynne opened the meeting with a prayer. The chairperson then declared “In the name of Jesus Christ the one true Head of the Church, and by the authority given me by Lambton Presbytery, I declare this meeting of Lambton Presbytery Executive open, for the transaction of business as may properly come before it.”
Attendance: Susan Bedggood, Jill Rogers, Louise Hall, Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Pat Whitton, Carolyn Wilson Wynne, Susan Woodhouse, Nora Gibson, Gary Shuttleworth and Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa.
Regrets: Connie Ellis & Pat Begarnie
Guest: Nancy Andrews
The Secretary was unable to attend the meeting and Susan Bedggood volunteered to take the minutes.
THE AGENDA:Moved: Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Seconded: Gary Shuttleworth, Carried that, "the Agenda be accepted as amended."
Interview with Applicant for Presbytery Secretary Position:
Nancy had submitted her resume on Oct. 4th, and the Executive had been emailed a copy. Carolyn led a discussion with Nancy which detailed the work of the secretary. The only issue, was home office space which was limited and it was suggested that archived files could be kept at another location convenient to the secretary. It was suggested that the new secretary could start in January 2013, but it would be advantageous to attend the November meeting of Presbytery.
Following the November meeting the Presbytery office could be moved and arrangements made for phone and internet service at the Secretary’s home.
Following Nancy’s departure, the Executive discussed her capabilities.
Moved: Jill Rogers, Seconded: Gary Shuttleworth, Carried that "Lambton Presbytery Executive appoint Nancy Andrews starting January 1, 2013 to the position of Presbytery Secretary. Susan Bedggood was asked to convey the news to Nancy."
Stewardship Oversight Division has been asked to develop a policy regarding paying some costs for the Secretary to attend the Annual Meeting and if this would include the Treasurer and Chairperson. It was also suggested that Presbytery should pay for the Secretary’s meal at Presbytery meetings.
Mission Oversight Division:
Pat Whitton announced that the Faith Formation Workshop scheduled for Oct. 27th has been cancelled for lack of participants. The Executive expressed their thanks to Pat and the division for their work in organizing the workshop.
Nora Gibson, UCW President, informed us that the UCW staff position at National office won’t be filled upon the retirement of Dorothy Amos. Betty Turcott will be co-ordinating with the UCW.
The Fall Rally is tonight with Betsy Exley as guest speaker.
Almost $200,000 has been raised across Canada by the UCW to fund their 50th year project at Morgoro Tanzania. The initial goal was $50,000.
Habitat for Humanity:
The start of the building blitz was delayed 6 weeks and now it has started and will continue until Nov.
site work will stop until January. Pat Whitton has only one scheduled lunch open for a church to volunteer and St. Clair is interested. Pat has done excellent work to co-ordinate feeding the volunteer workers. The current total for Presbytery is over $43,000 donated from the churches, and Warwick and Point Edward will also be making donations.
Then the
Stewardship Oversight Division:
Moved: Susan Bedggood, Seconded: Louise Hall, Carried that "Lambton Presbytery give permission to Burns-Mooreline United Church to transfer the Burns Cemetery property on Con. 12 South part Lot 15 in St. Clair Township, to the Burns Cemetery Board of Trustees."
Moved: Susan Bedggood, Seconded: Louise Hall, Carried that "Lambton Presbytery give permission to Burns-Mooreline United Church to transfer the designated funds to the Burns Cemetery Board of Trustees upon receipt of the Trustees Certificate of Assurance."
Moved: Susan Bedggood, Seconded: Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Carried that "Lambton Presbytery give permission to Warwick United Church to transfer the Warwick Cemetery property
on Con. 1 Lot 10 of the Township of Warwick, to the Municipality of the Township of Warwick."
Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa reminded the Executive that in the future when we are dealing with churches closing and dispersing remaining funds, those funds must only go to registered charities which are directly connected to the United Church of Canada.
It was also emphasized that the government strictly enforces the rule that a registered charity
(a church) is only allowed to give money to another registered charity. If churches give to unregistered groups, they are in jeopardy of losing their charitable number.
Susan reported that the Board of Trustees of Zion Cemetery have declined ownership of the property and wish to continue under the oversight of the United Church. Stewardship Oversight Division will put an oversight procedure in place and the money from Zion United Church will be transferred to Presbytery and held in trust for maintaining the Cemetery. The deed will need to be updated.
2013 Budget:
Moved: Louise Hall, Seconded: Gary Shuttleworth, Carried "that at the present time we discontinue looking for a person to fill the position of Chaplain to Ministers."
London Conference has hired Elaine Graham on a 1⁄2 time basis until the end of 2013 who is available as a Chaplain for Ministry personnel. It was agreed to move any money in the Chaplain Fund to the general account.
The Treasurer was given permission to access the Student Fund to pay for a $100 Christmas gift for each of the 3 ministry students.
It was recommended that Education & Students consider putting some of the Student Fund into long term investments.
The Futures, Revitalization & New Growth Fund needs to have guidelines and procedures put in place. The Executive will develop a policy.
Regarding the motion to supplement St. Clair which was passed at the Sept. meeting - it did not give any limit to the amount of money required. The subject will be raised at the November meeting under Business Arising from the minutes.
There is $3,450 in the Funds account which came to Presbytery when the Resource Centre closed. It was agreed that the money will be made available if needed to be used for supplementing St. Clair United Church.
Since the Secretary’s honourarium has been increased, it is appropriate to increase the Treasurer’s compensation. It was agreed to increase it to $800 a year.
The budget line for Office Expenses has been increased to $1,400 for 2013.
Pastoral Oversight Division:
Education & Students:
Pat Morrison will be recognized as a Designated Lay Minister.
The Education & Students committee will be holding interviews with 3 lay leaders and 3 theological students. Pastoral Oversight:

Pastoral Oversight Committee will be holding its first day of group ‘Pastoral Charge Visitations’ on Oct. 27th at London Rd. West.
Cheryl-Ann reminded Pastoral Oversight to have the churches check the titles of any church owned property.
Pastoral Relations:
Moved: Gary Shuttleworth, Seconded: Louise Hall, Carried that "the JNAC report from St. Paul’s Petrolia be accepted and that Lambton Presbytery declare a vacancy for a full time Minister, ordained, diaconal or designated Lay Minister."
Oil Springs & Dawn Valley as well as Watford will soon be on the ADP system. Carey Wagner is working at both Watford United and Kerwood United.
A Pastoral Charge Supervisor will be needed by Nov. 15th for Corunna United Church.
We acknowledge the receipt of a letter from London Conference granting permission for Pat Milliken to perform the sacraments at St. Paul’s Petrolia for the duration of her pastoral relationship.
St. Luke’s has written a letter to Corunna inviting them to open discussions about the possibility of shared ministry.
Moved: Gary Shuttleworth, Seconded: Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Carried that "we appoint Jim Breen and Brenda MacMain to be the representatives to the search committee for St. Paul’s Petrolia."
London Conference Executive Sectretary’s Report:
There will be a Stewardship Workshop on Nov. 17th with a focus in the morning for Treasurers and Finance committees.
If looking for information through the London Conference web site, be patient...it is under construction.
New Business:
A letter was received from London Road West requesting that Presbytery provide a standard document to address accessibility. London Conference has a document available and Marilyn will contact Judith Gilliland at the Conference Office to get a copy. Carolyn volunteered to respond to the letter to assure the board that we have heard and considered their request.
Cheryl told us that with regard to accessibility of buildings, it has been determined that current buildings will be grandfathered into accessibility.
The Executive received with regret, a letter of resignation from Susan Bedggood, the Presbytery Treasurer, effective at the end of 2012. She is willing to continue to do the work of the Treasurer until someone is put in place. SOD will start a search for a replacement.
Moved: Marilyn Townsend-Smith, Seconded: Jill Rogers, Carried that the Executive meeting be adjourned.
Carolyn closed with prayer.

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